Take on the Vegas Strip like a pro this fall

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Got a big trip to Las Vegas coming up soon? Whether you are heading there to blow off steam from your entry-level job, celebrating a stag for your best buddy, or if you just need to inject a little bit of excitement in your life, the Vegas Strip has just what you need.

Here’s a basic outline of what you should do if you are looking to make the most of your trip…

See the Bellagio fountains

Before you let loose on the town, take in one of the best water shows anywhere in the world at the Bellagio. Here, the fountains use four types of nozzle (1,200 in total) and more than 4,500 lights to dazzle crowds as dancing columns of water bring classic pop songs to life. Lasting several minutes, it’s the sort of spectacle that will get your night out off to a rousing start.

Gamble it up

As long as you approach the pit with a strict limit with what you are prepared to lose, trying out the gaming on the Vegas Strip can be a fun and exciting endeavour.

If you are going to play games like blackjack or poker where making correct decisions can turn a losing session into a winning one, holding off on getting buzzed is a good strategy to have, but if you are planning on playing the slots, or betting on red or black at the roulette table, having a few shouldn’t hurt you.

Those seeking a friendly poker game will have great luck at the Excalibur, as the clientele tends to be focused on having fun instead of grinding out a winrate.

Party like a high roller

Whether you took your shot and missed, or hit a big score during your time at the tables, chances are you’re be in a mood to party afterward.

Vegas is known throughout the world for being a top tier nightlife destination, as its bars and dance clubs aim to set a high water mark for opulence with every new opening that occurs in this town.

The establishments on the Strip tend to be primarily located in the casino resorts, so you might want to focus your pre-bar activities in the same or in an adjacent complex to avoid having to deal with taxis in Vegas’ eternally snarled traffic.

That being said, OMNIA at Caesar’s Palace, XS and Tryst at the Wynn, and LIGHT Nightclub at Mandalay Bay are all places well worth the effort to get to if you are halfway across town.

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