The best things to do in Valencia for young travelers

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Heading out on a trio to Spain, and looking to include Valencia on your itinerary? This city is often overshadowed by other centres in this diverse country, but it contains many highlight that will make your trip here well worth the effort.

On that note, this article will focus on the best things to do in Valencia for young travelers, so pay attnetion to the recommendations below…

1) Check out the City of Arts and Sciences

Suitable for all ages due to its futuristic design, make sure that you check out the City of Arts and Sciences when you travel to Valencia. A state of the art science museum, planetarium, IMAX theatre and an aquarium are all contained within this groundbreaking structure, as is a botanical garden.

All of these attractions provide an alluring alternative to sitting in your hostel sulking on a rainy day, so if the weather takes a turn for the worse on one of the days when you are in Valencia, take the opportunity to explore this architectural marvel.

2) Experience the eclectic neighborhood of Barri del Carme

In recent years, the neighborhood of Barri del Carme had transformed from one of its most derelict areas to one of its most trendy, with a surge of artists seeking cheap digs being behind its gentrification.

There are many boutiques with unique gift ideas, as well as cafes that make for great perches from which to people watch, as the inhabitants of this part of town are far more interesting than anywhere else in this Spanish city.

At night, Valencia’s best nightlife can be found here, with many of the best joints being found along Calle Caballeros.

3) Go for a run along the old bed of the river Turia

In the 1950’s, one of the worst floods in Spain’s history ravaged the lowlands of Valencia, leading to one of the most ambitious civil engineering projects in the nation’s history. It resulted in the rerouting of the River Turia, leaving its former bed bone dry.

In this space, a spectacular park was built, ending at the Mediterranean Sea by the City of Arts and Sciences. Running tracks wind their way past athletic fields, fountains and playgrounds and numerous spectacular flower beds, making it a pleasant place to keep up your cardio while traveling.

4) Attend the Fallas festival in March

It might be too late this year, but if you have a Euro trip planned for early in 2016, be sure to visit Valencia in March, as the city comes alive with fireworks and the lighting of bonfires and paper mache effigies. So long as you are willing to sacrifice sleep (bring industrial strength earplugs if you want to get some), Fallas is a great time with locals that should not be missed.

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