The Top 5 Winter Festivals In Canada


Canada offers some of the best festivals in the world during the summer, most notoriously Montreal’s Mutek which brings the world of digital art and electronic music together. However should you decide to hop aboard a westjet to Canada in the winter, you won’t be disappointed by the festivals that are on offer. To show you, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best festivals you can attend during the winter.

1. Igloofest, Montreal (Jan. 16 – Feb. 08)

Taking place in the old port of Montreal igloofest draws tens of thousands of people every year. Montreal is so famous for its expansive jazz scene but come igloo fest its electronic music that takes over the city streets. For four consecutive weekends you can party late into the night to the sounds of stars such as DJ sneak or Joris Voorn, explore the vast ice themed décor and enjoy some mulled wine under the stars as you enjoy the sights and sounds. While Igloofest is one of the hot events to attend in Canada remember that its ice cold outside so be sure to wrap up warm!

2.Montreal High Lights Festival, Montreal (Feb. 17 – 27)

Known locally as Montreal en Lumiere the high lights festival brings together music, dance, theatre, cooking and shows for a spectacular celebration. The festival draws nearly a million people every year and with its myriad of guest chefs, cooking and dance classes, wine and food tastings, concerts, performances and live art installations; it’s really no wonder why.

You can judge food, learn the tango or party the night away to electronic music amongst some real captivating costumes, lights and art pieces; there really is something for everyone here.

3. Carnavel de Québec, Quebec City (Jan. 28 – Feb. 13)

Quebec city’s winter festival is the largest of them all. Since 1955 attendees have enjoyed outdoor sports, snow bathing, ice skating, sleigh rides, parties and night time parades. This festival has a real family atmosphere and something for age groups is on offer here. Indulge in treats from the sugar shacks, go tubing down the snowy slopes or party hard at the Ice palace on Friday night. Chirstmas lights are on show throughout the entire festival and the line the streets where glistening ice and snow sculptures have been painstakingly carved to really keep around the spirit of Christmas. This festival has a real family vibe so if you’re feeling a bit homesick it could be the perfect remedy.

4. World Ski & Snowboard Festival, Whistler (Apr. 11 – 20)

This 10-day art, music and sport festival is a real must for those looking to catch some winter sports action. Starting right at the end of winter, this festival is a real showcase for the latest and greatest in the world of skiing and snowboarding. Various ramps and courses are set up just for the festival so that the sports best athletes can come and give you a show worth seeing. Aside from the high octane action on the slopes there are lifestyle and fashion shows, film screenings and even a silent disco for you to party the night away. It’s a real celebration of winter Canadian winter culture.

5. Frostival, Fredericton ( Jan. 25 – Feb. 17)

Last but surely not least is the Fredericton festival. A bit more low key than the other festivals this is an option for those looking to chill out and enjoy the stunning snowy region in a more relaxed manor. There is something for every age group here with an array of winter sports to take part in, pond hockey tournaments, walking tours, food markets and ski lifts. The views here are stunning and its truly the place to explore a winter wonderland.

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