Exciting things to do in Rotterdam

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When most young travelers plan a holiday to Holland, the only city that gets penciled in is Amsterdam. This is a shame, as there is so much else to see in this open minded nation than simply the streets of its biggest city.

Exploring Rotterdam is a joy that most tourists to the region don’t get to experience, as they think that Amsterdam is the only thing worth seeing in The Netherlands. Being the savvy traveler that you are, you know better than that. Here’s what you should see during your time here…

1) Explore the trippy interior of Markthal Rotterdam

Start your day in Rotterdam with a mind-bending trip to Markthal Rotterdam, which serves as this city’s biggest daily market.

A massive stone and glass half oval that also contains apartments, cafes and restaurants within its floor space, the area under the arch serves as a food market containing fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

If that wasn’t enough, the entirety of the interior of the arch is covered with a gigantic mural featuring various food items. It’s pretty wild to see in person, making a trip here worth it on this basis alone.

2) Abseil or zipline your way off of the Euromast

Usually, observation towers are approached by young travelers with trepidation, as their views are sometimes not worth the outsized price of an admission ticket (and buying lunch/dinner at the restaurant at the top? Don’t even ask…).

However, there is more to do at the summit of the Euromast than take panoramic photos and gaze longingly into the horizon, as the tower offers adventurous young people (and those that are young at heart) the chance to rope their way down from the observation deck down to the solid ground below.

If you choose the zipline, you will be no less thrilled, as this zip route is known to be the fastest and highest one in all of Europe.

3) Paint Rotterdam red with a lively night on the town

After getting your adrenaline fix, you’ll likely be hopped up and ready for an intense night on the town. Those seeking a place to throw down will find it in the area around Eendrachtsplein and Nieuwe Binnenweg, where bars filled with open-minded Dutch young people will make your time out a fun one indeed.

Like Amsterdam, Rotterdam is also home to coffee shops that serve up a very special herb to its customers, but they all charge lower prices compared to the former city due to the fact that “everyone” goes to Amsterdam … except for you, of course!

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