Things To Do In San Francisco


The city by the bay figures heavily in many travellers’ plans, as this modern and progressive American city combines the dramatic topography of the Bay Area with a culture that continually pushes the edges of what is considered cool and hip.  With so much natural beauty, outstanding building stock, and abundant historical and cultural attractions available in San Francisco, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

In order to get your feet out the door so you can begin to explore this essential piece of the American experience, we have complied a list of sights and activities that will not only help you make the most of your trip, but it will also have you booking your tickets for a return visit at the soonest available opportunity!

Let’s get started, shall we?

1) Go See The Aquarium By The Bay – San Francisco, being centrally located on the Californian Pacific Coast, has a place known as Aquarium of the Bay which is well regarded.  Here, many marine animals from the region are protected, studied, and are made available to be seen by the general public.  To this end, stroll through the crystal tunnels to view over 20,000 animals (sharks, rays, octopi, and whole assortment of fish).   End your trip to the aquarium by taking in a 3D film, featuring crisply filmed documentaries on the life that lives beneath the waves.

2) Get A Fantastic View Of The Golden Gate Bridge – How could you leave San Francisco without snapping a picture of its iconic Golden Gate Bridge?  Of course, the trick is to find a place that offers you the best vantage point, without being too hard to access.  The Battery Crosby, an old coastal defense installation long since disused, is situated on the coast south of the bridge, near the sprawling green space of the Presidio.  After snapping a choice shot of this Californian icon, continue on to the frequently deserted Baker Beach, which is a great place to erase those tan lines, as it is a clothing optional beach.

3) Liven Up A Beautiful San Fran Afternoon At An Outdoor Beer Garden – After all that tramping around, it’s time to find a seat at one of San Francisco’s many hip bars.  Instead of venturing inside on a gorgeous Northern California day though, why not enjoy some libations outdoors for a change?  At Zeitgeist (which does have an indoor section for less than perfect days), seat yourself at one of the long communal tables, packed with locals who you’ll get to know in short order over many pitchers of beer.

For your first day in Northern California’s gem, you need an exciting itinerary full of unique activities to set the tone for your trip.  Hopefully, this sampling of some of the things that you do in San Francisco will get it off to a roaring start.

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