Having The Time Of Your Life In Costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

This summer, instead of hanging ten at the beach like you have in previous years, you’ve focused hard on socking away money like a madman. The blue skies and sun outside might be tempting this time of year, but with the perpetual summer of Costa Rica beckoning around the corner, you’ll need all the dolla bills you can muster to truly make it a winter to remember.

In order to help you pull through to the last day of pushing paper, washing dishes, or hauling lumber, you’ll need some kickass attractions to get pumped up and excited about in the meantime.

In this vein, this article will uncover some unmissable highlights that should find themselves at the top of your list from the second you step off the plane in San Jose (capital of Costa Rica) this fall, so copy and paste this, Evernote it, take a picture, or just grab some paper and a pen and write all the important parts down … ’cause this shizz is vital to having the time of your life in Costa Rica!

Surfing: Nosara

While there are many outstanding surfing towns in Costa Rica, Nosara offers year-round waves, waiting patiently for you to arrive and absorb its chill atmosphere. With point breaks that will treat you better than other, less forgiving spots, locals that win you over in record time with their friendliness, and a way of life that has given rise to one of the world’s Blue Zones, which are spots where more residents than normal routinely live to be 100 or older.

Rafting: Rio Pacuare

The abundant rains that take turns pelting the Caribbean and Pacific coasts at different times of year serve to fuel the rivers of the interior highlands with frothing whitewater, making Costa Rica one of the better places in the world to ride rapids in a rubber raft.

The added bonus of doing here is if you fall out, the water will be a lot less shocking to your system than on many of the glacially fed rivers back home. The best river to tackle for maximum thrills in this lively country is the Rio Pacuare, which regularly features Class IV rapids, a classification that will put your fledgling piloting skills to the test.

Partying: Tamarindo

After satiating your need for adrenaline on the coast or on the rushing rivers inland, you’ll want to find a place to celebrate your achievements. Out of the many backpacker friendly places in Costa Rica, Tamarindo stands out as an ideal place to have fun on a nightly basis. An enviable choice of bars offering live DJ’s and live music awaits, powered by a massive concentration of young people that come here to surf and save turtles by day, and make memories by night!

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