Top 3 Foreigner Bars in Japan


Every year, many foreigners that speak English as their first language head over to Japan to share their knowledge of its inner workings. While the cultural and everyday aspects of life in this country engross most of these people throughout their stay, sometimes you’ll end up craving the company of people that are just like you.

As such, foreigner bars, which are licensed establishments that are often owned by and cater to those that come from outside of the Far East, have popped up in increasing numbers in communities of significant size throughout the nation.  Not only do they do an outstanding job catering to a distinct niche market, they also draw some Japanese citizens looking to improve their English in an immersive environment.

While you may not have much choice of bars in the smaller regions of Japan, the larger centres are home to some truly remarkable drink-slinging shops.  Knowing this, make the most of your free time away from your ESL job in Japan and try out these three foreigner bars that will have you buzzing about your night out for weeks afterwards!

1) The Aldgate, Tokyo

Even in Tokyo, many bars attempt to replicate the elements that it takes to capture the feeling of an authentic British pub, but few do it better than The Aldgate.  From physical fixtures like dark wood panelling, to quintessential nuggets of dry Brit humour regarding bar conduct (100 yen “donations” for asking for water to slow down the absorption of the alcohol you’re drinking), this establishment will do the best job in quelling pangs of homesickness that pommies may be suffering from midway through an ESL work contract.

2) G2, Osaka

For club kids looking for an experience that comes close to what they are accustomed to back home, G2 in Osaka will provide a night of fun that will rank up there with some of the ragers they’ve engaged in previously.  The girl to guy ratio is quite favourable for the bros out there, and you’ll have plenty of time to work your magic, as this club is open until daybreak, shutting its doors at 5 am.  Pay attention to the balcony through the night, as 1500 yen bar vouchers have been showered upon the grooving masses frequently in the past.

3) McLoughlin’s Irish Bar & Restaurant, Kyoto

If finding an authentic Irish pub serving all the food and drink that are associated with the Emerald Isle is a top priority for you, duck into McLoughlin’s Irish Bar on your next visit to Kyoto. With choice views of the Higashiyama Mountains, live music on a regular basis, and a surprising selection of craft beers, it will soon become your favourite place to socialise when you happen to be in Kyoto.

Reach Out And Touch A Foreigner

Integrating within the local culture when in a country like Japan needn’t mean that you avoid all contact with fellow Westerners.  From time to time, we need to shoot the breeze with people that understand the cultural references that we grew up with … when the need does arise, seek out a foreigner bar near you in Japan!

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