Top Destinations to Visit in Spain

Spain is a country steeped in culture and history. Comprising of several distinctive territories, it offers a widely diverse range of interesting places to visit. Spain can make for the perfect getaway anytime of year with it’s warm weather and steady supply of international flights. Here are just a few suggestions of the fascinating destinations to go to when there.

The city of Cuenca was established on the deep gorges of the Júcar and Huécar rivers respectively. It has some magnificent public buildings, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady Of Grace and Saint Julian, which is one of the first gothic churches in Spain. Cuenca is also home to the unique Hanging Houses. Nestled on a rock just above the Huécar River gorge, they represent architecture from the fifteen century.

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain. It is over two thousand years old, and its architecture bears the stamp of its medieval, renaissance, baroque and Arabic heritages. In April, a week-long festival is held along the Guadalquivir River. People enjoy a week of dancing, partying and drinking. Women traditionally wear flamenco dresses, and men put on their best outfits for the festivities, and tourists are more than welcome to join in the fun.

The Sierra Nevada, in the south of the country, is a mountain range that boasts some amazing natural landscapes, and high rugged peaks. It is popular with tourists, and its high peaks are covered with snow allowing for the establishment of a skiing resort. Thanks to the snow-melt, the southern slopes of the Sierra are always very fertile and lush. The region of Las Alpujurras benefits from these pleasant conditions. Its many thermal springs have been harnessed for terracing and irrigation for the picturesque white walled villages that dot the area.

The village of Las Médulas, in Northern Spain, is the site of one of the most important gold mines of the Roman Empire. The area’s distinctive landscaping is thanks to the method by which gold was mined in this area. Large amounts of water collected in aqueducts, was used to undermine the mountains to make parts of them collapse or weaken their integrity, so the gold could be easily extracted. Its archaeological importance helped establish the region as a World Heritage Site in 1997.

Originating in the Sierra Morena mountains, the Rio Tinto River is another wonderful place to visit. Deposits of copper, gold, silver, iron and other minerals, give the water a beautiful reddish colour. The town of Rio Tinto is named after the river, and educates visitors in the 3000 year old mining heritage of the region.

These are just a few of the many enjoyable and memorable destinations Spain has to offer. With a number of options for cheap travel insurance available, you’re sure to have a fun and safe Spanish vacation regardless of what type of activities you fill your time with.


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