Top Nightclubs in the United Kingdom


Known the world over, the British have a well-deserved reputation for being gregarious partiers.  For the young single traveller heading to the United Kingdom for a bout of extended travel, this is excellent news.  From atmospheric local pubs, to cavernous dance clubs where world-famous DJ’s spin to the delight of thousands of revelers, the countries that comprise the United Kingdom are experts at the art of having a good time.

What places should you not miss throughout your voyage within the British Isles?  We have compiled a list of happening joints have will have you jiving to the beat, knocking back pints with the locals, and well on your way to meeting a special British lad or lass.

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1) 06 St. Chad’s Place, London, England – Warm up for your first night of raucous partying in the up and coming district of King’s Cross, and get the first rounds of pints ordered at 06 St. Chad’s Place.  Constructed inside a massive brick warehouse where mechanics used to work on trains in previous decades and centuries, this gentrified space has been given over to the task of libations.  Rub elbows with the young and hip, as well as wealthy investment bankers who make this bar their primary stool after a hard day working in Corporate London.

2) Ministry Of Sound, London, England – After your inhibitions have been sent out to run and play, it’s time to set the party up a notch.  You can do no better in London than to head to the Ministry of Sound, a cavernous nightclub that can accommodate up to 5,000 people at a time.  This spot is ably equipped for the best DJ’s in the world to do their thing, as the sound system is world-class and the club is set up for excellent acoustics.

3) Oceana, Swansea, Wales – Do your best to snag tickets to an English Premier League featuring the Swansea A.F.C., then after an unforgettable live sporting experience, dance the remainder of the night away at Oceana nightclub!  This bar, frequented by students in this popular university city, has many cheap drink specials on throughout the week (especially on Saturday), and offers music that appeals to a wide spectrum of the partying public, from house hits to Top 40 anthems.

4) Sub Club, Glasgow, Scotland – For those turned off by the gigantic dance music warehouses that proliferate in the larger cities further south in the United Kingdom, the Sub Club is the perfect antidote.  This club is seriously small, since it is located in a basement, lending it a greater degree of intensity.  Groove along to dub step, hip-hop and techno at this intimate but loud venue, while garnering a feeling like you’re partying at somebody’s off-campus house like you were back in college.

5) The Limelight, Belfast, Northern Ireland – For those whose music tastes drift towards live rock bands, your time will come on the last stop of our nightclub tour, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  The Limelight has hosted a number of now-big bands in its time, such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, and The Strokes.  With such a prophetic record in picking indie bands that have found success in the present day, you cannot go wrong hanging your partying hat here.

The United Kingdom leads the world in having a great time after dark.  If you love the nightlife, you owe it to yourself to tour this lively nation, and experience its music, drinking culture, and joyous revelers while you are in the prime time of your life for partying!

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