Tunisia For The Young And Fabulous


Being a moderate corner of North Africa that is situated on the warm southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia stands as an excellent choice for students and other young adults looking for some fun in the sun this spring and summer.

With a vibrant culture that exists just steps away from the beach, traces of the once-powerful Roman Empire sprinkled across the country, and even backdrops from famous movies found here, planning Tunisia holidays for this year’s shenanigans is a decision that will pay off for young intrepid explorer.

While you could plan your journey all by yourself or come up with ideas as you go, we have put together a sampling of popular attractions and destinations so that when you’ve returned from your Tunisia holidays this year, you will feel like you have made the most of your time.

With that said, let’s get started!

Ancient Cities

Having incurred the wrath of the Roman senate for engaging them in battle on their territory near the Italian Alps during the Second Punic War, Carthage was a city living on borrowed time, as it was home to the attacking general, Hannibal.  Fifty years later, Rome sacked the city completely, having acquired the political consensus to attack.  Today, features such as an aqueduct, an amphitheatre, and baths are the mainline attractions that can be viewed here.

Fun in the Sun

The majority of those heading to Tunisia are looking to sop up the rays of the sun in order to shake off the frosty shackles of winter, and to transform their pasty frame into a well-bronzed physique. If you fit this description dear reader, then the cities of Sousse, Hammamet and Djerba are where you will want to point your sails.

Hammamet is a low-rise city where low rise hotels, topless sunbathers and camel rides predominate, Sousse is a great place to experience the local culture when away from the beach (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Djerba offers “pirate” cruises where you tour wildlife sights on a galleon style ship where a filling lunch is also available.

Visit Luke Skywalker’s House

Looking to visit the movie home of one of film’s most celebrated characters? Then head out into the Tunisian desert to the town of Matmata, where this location and other sets that represented the Tattooine settlement of Mos Eisley were filmed.

Location scouts were inspired to shoot these scenes here by the styles of housing adopted by the Berber locals, which were carved out of the bedrock and hillsides.  Luke Skywalker’s house is now the hotel Sidi Driss, meaning you can sleep where this fictitious character once “lived”!

Make this the Summer of Tunisia

After university lets out for the summer months, or once you are able to allocate your holidays for this season, be sure to factor Tunisia into your plans.  With irresistible beaches and an alluring North African culture with an intriguing imperial past, it will rank highly among your favourite destinations!         

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