Turkish Summer Delights In Bodrum, Turkey


With mid-terms looming in the coming weeks, and the weather being as miserable as it will get all winter, you have begun longing for summer with a vengeance.  Getting away for a spring break won’t be possible this year, as you got a bit too carried away with your spending over the Christmas holidays (it was worth it though!).

However, your thoughts have shifted forward to the warm season ahead, and though the Cornish coast is quite alright, your travel feet are itching, so getting away to a place further afield is definitely in order for you and your mates. Together, you have decided lay down a deposit on some Bodrum flights (http://book.flythomascook.com/cheap-flights/to-Bodrum-Turkey/), a journey that will take you to one of the most magical beach destinations on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

To aid you in your holiday planning and to get you psyched for the good times to come, we have put together a guide detailing all the exotic sights, awesome adrenaline-fuelled activities, incredible places to nosh, and nightspots where your wolfpack can rock the night away, every freakin’ night.

Let’s get started!

Sights To See

The first sight you should see upon your arrival here should be Bodrum Castle.  Situated on a peninsula that overlooks the city for which it is named, this fortification was built in 1402 by a Christian order of knights.  Despite the fall of Constantinople, this castle resisted conquest for more than 70 years afterwards, testifying to the courage of its defenders and the strength of its construction and positioning. A museum of underwater archeology is presently located here, showing off relics acquired from shipwrecks along the Aegean coast of Turkey.

Following this, mentally transport yourself back to the times of the Greeks and the Romans at the Bodrum Amphitheatre.  Built when this area was a part of the Greek empire and enlarged during the Roman era, it has played host to many cultural productions, both back in its ancient heyday, as well as in the present day. You could hardly do any better than this place if you have an appreciation for culture, as its acoustics are excellent, and the view out towards the town below and the ocean are simply unforgettable!

Engaging Activities

Most of your days will be spent on the beach, and in this area, there are plenty of diversions besides sunbathing and swimming to keep you entertained. Windsurfing is widely enjoyed here, as are diving and snorkeling in the crystalline waters that this area is famous for. With you and your friends pooling your resources, you can hire a boat, allowing for a fun day on the water with your besties, plus any new mates you meet in the course of your days on the sands.

Awesome Eats

Reputed as the home of doner kebap in Turkey, there are many delis and street stalls offering the meat-heavy treat throughout the streets of Bodrum. If you’re looking for Lahmajoon, the Turkish dish that puts minced meat and refreshing diced vegetable atop a thin piece of cooked dough, be sure to cruise by Urfa Diyarı for cheap and delicious versions of this authentic treat!

Scintillating Nightlife

Bodrum is famed for its thumping nightlife, offering nighttime entertainment options for groups of any interest. If you’re seeking out a cutting-edge hip night spot, Club X should be your first choice (dress sharp), Fink is perfect for those who have money to burn and who wish to hang with the upper crust for a night, and Korfez Bar is the rock fan’s first choice for jamming the evening away.

Many people end up at Halikarnas by the end of the night though, as it is an outdoor club that ranks as one of the largest establishments of its kind in the world. Be sure to have some alcohol in your system before arrival though, as cover and drink prices here are truly ludicrous!

What are you waiting for?

A fortnight of fun awaits you in gorgeous Bodrum, Turkey this summer, so start getting excited!  With no shortage of things to do or see during the day, and a lively club scene, you’ll be giving your bros that are waffling on this a serious case of FOMO once you tell them all this area has to offer…!

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