Start your 2016 in style with a party weekend break in Prague

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Thinking about escaping the gray clouds and drizzle prison that currently defines your reality? Break out of this monotony with a party weekend break in Prague. Below, we list some bars that should make it on your pub crawl when you get here…

1) Dubliner Irish Bar

Nothing gets a good old-fashioned party weekend in Prague off to a roaring start quite like having a few pints in an Irish pub. Our Celtic cousins know how to drink, and this is no less true at the Dubliner Irish Bar.

Located a few steps from the Old Town Square, it has a consistently good lineup of live entertainment on the bill, a wide selection of beers and ciders on tap, and a homely atmosphere that you’ve come to expect from such an establishment.

Get caught on the game here, as there are big screen TV’s throughout the place that broadcast all the important matches going on – you’ll need to do that, as your memory will start getting hazy soon enough…

2) U Sedmi Svabu Medieval Pub

When you plan your visit to Prague, you are probably expecting to drink in a place that has the ambiance that the U Sedmi Svabu Medieval Pub offers.

Complete with stone walls, a roaring fireplace, and suits of armor that take you back straight to the Middle Ages, you’ll feel like you are actually in Prague on an adventure with your mates instead being in a joint that could be located anywhere else in the world.

Take a seat at its wooden benches, and employees that look the part of citizens of another age will serve you beer, wine, or mead. No matter your plans in Prague, drop by this unique spot at some point during your evening.

3) Lucerna Music Bar

Pick up the pace of your evening by making Lucerna Music Bar your next stop. Specializing in 80’s and 90’s music, Lucerna is a favorite of locals for its excellent taste in tunes from the aforementioned period in history.

Additionally, this venue has hosted many of the Czech Republic’s best bands over the years, as well as a decent selection of international groups, so those looking to rock out will want to spend some serious time at this bar.

4) M1 Lounge Bar & Club

Party hard until the small hours of the morning at M1 Lounge Bar & Club, which is uber modern in its design, and attracts all the hippest locals and travelers in Prague towards the end of the night.

The bottle service will keep the good times flowing, and will fuel a party scene that can only be described as crazy.

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