Weekend in Courchevel: Fantastic Ski Slopes and Amazing Nightlife

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Courchevel is a great ski destination for young people or for those who still feel young at heart. If you want to feel the thrill of living life to the fullest then there are some tremendous reasons for coming here.

So, what should you most look forward to when you are going on a wonderful and action-packed trip to Courchevel right now? There are certainly a number of activities that could make this the best trip of your life.

The Great Skiing Opportunities

No matter what else you get up to in beautiful Courchevel, you should definitely ensure that you spend as much time as you can out on the magnificent powdery slopes. This is simply one of the very best places in the world to get out and ski.


No matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experience skier, you will soon discover exactly why Courchevel is widely rated as one of the best and most prestigious ski resorts in the world. This French Alps town gives you access to a massive ski area of over 650kms of slopes.

Indeed, the fact that it sits in the renowned Three Valleys ski area means that you are in one of the biggest connected ski areas on the planet when you are here. With so many slopes to choose from you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing where to go.

This means that you can choose the exact level of the activity that you want to enjoy. Do you want to relax and take it easy or do you really want to feel your heart thumping while you zoom down the snowy slopes?

Even groups with skiers of different ability levels are fine here, as there are slopes for everyone to feel good on. Just choose the slope that most interests you on any given day and then get out there to enjoy it.

Enjoy Eating Out in Fine Restaurants

There is a good chance that you have already heard about Courchevel’s impressive reputation as a stylish destination for the rich and famous. This French Alps town is set up to cater for even the most demanding tourist, which means that you can enjoy some of your best ever dining experiences here.

A few of the top class restaurants here are places like Le Cendrée, Le Chabichou and Le Bouc Blanc. Of course, you can also eat in less expensive but highly enjoyable restaurants if you want to stick to a tighter budget.

No matter where you go to eat, there is just something incredibly special about eating out here. The timeless French dishes and the hearty local Savoyard cuisine make any trip to Courchevel a special occasion.

It is also worth pointing out that many of the best eateries here have a very special atmosphere and great views across the mountains. If you want to relax and eat quality food in a memorable setting then you will get these things have with no hassle.

There is no denying that eating out is one of the highlights of ski weekends in Courchevel. You will feel brilliant after sampling some new dishes in exciting restaurants high in the glorious French Alps.

If you prefer to eat in your hotel or chalet then you can choose from some quality catering options in this way too. In fact, this is one of the finest ways of saving some energy for the night-time if you are planning to head out until late.


The Sparkling Nightlife

It is no secret that many skiers come here with the idea of enjoying wild nights of fun and pleasure. As a party destination Courchevel has a huge amount to offer to let you enjoy the finer things in life in a way that suits you.

For instance, if you want to enjoy a pub or bar with an exciting atmosphere then there are numerous options for you to choose from here. From the thrilling live music at the Folie Douce to the cool Fire and Ice Bar, there is something for every taste.

Other top spots here enjoying a few drinks are to be found at the Bubble Bar and Tremplin. If you arrive here with fun and drinks high on your list of priorities then you are going to find a number of quality bars to choose from.

They are nicely spread out across the central area and on the slopes as well, meaning that you can choose exactly where you want to sit down for a couple of hours to enjoy a great time. There are fewer better feelings in life than that of finishing off a day of exciting skiing by going out for a few drinks and enjoying the company that you find in the bars and pubs.

The Late Night Fun

There are also plenty of options for enjoying some late night action if you feel full of energy after a day of skiing. One of the popular options is to go to a hotel bar, where you will typically find a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere waiting for you.

On the other hand, there are also some places to enjoy loud music and some dancing. The Grange is a brilliant place if you like your disco music until late.

The Funky Fox and Boulette are a couple of other places where you can keep the party going as late as you want to. Of course, if you are here with a group of friend and staying in a chalet then you might prefer to go back there for a few drinks on the terrace or balcony.

Whatever it is that makes a night special for you, there is no reason to think that you won’t find it here. Just make sure that you arrive feeling refreshed and ready to make the absolute most of your time in Courchevel.


Other Exciting Activities in Courchevel

Will you still be feeling full of life after all of that skiing, eating out and enjoying some party time? The truth is that this place also has a huge amount of other exciting activities for you to enjoy too.

A good example comes with the likes of the absolutely thrilling sport of airboarding. This is a wild type of sport that sees you lie down on the slopes on an inflatable cushion before heading downhill headfirst.

Another sport you can enjoy here is the winter biathlon. This wonderful event mixes skiing with rifle shooting for a truly challenging and unforgettable event.

Snowboarding is also possible here, of course, and cross country is another intriguing option too. It definitely pays to consider which alternative winter sport you would most like to try.

If you want to see the splendour of glamorous Courchevel from up high then maybe you will consider a helicopter trip or a flight in a hot air balloon to take some stunning selfies while you are. There are also a number of options of carrying out indoor sports while you are here.

When you want to get a very special trip to a magical part of the world then the thrilling high altitude resort of Courchevel is a recommended destination. You can live out your dreams here and head home feeling absolutely wonderful.


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