Wicked Party Towns In Spain (And Portugal Too!)


As far as summer destinations in Europe go, the nations of the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal, if case you were asleep during that part of geography class) has always hogged the lion’s share of sunshine during this blessed time of year. As a direct consequence of this, countless beach towns who’s central existence revolves around hedonism have popped up over the years, making this corner of Europe a perennial favourite of young travelers everywhere.

While Ibiza and Tenerife are by far the dominant destinations for the hardcore party set, they are on islands set apart from the mainland, making them harder to visit as part of a grand tour. If this is part of your plan during your travels this summer, than make certain that these party towns in Spain and Portugal are part of your itinerary…!

1) San Sebastian, Spain

Situated on the north coast of Spain just a short distance from the French border, San Sebastian is worthy introduction to the Spanish beach party town. Complete with crashing waves replete with surfers, historic churches, and no shortage of night clubs, it is very easy to get caught in a repeatable loop here like in the movie, Groundhog Day.

Bake on the sand after a late leisurely breakfast, and wait for the flyer boys/girls to come around with the specials at a different bar than the night before. Another night of grooving will commence shortly thereafter, repeating the happy cycle once more.

2) Marbella, Spain

If your sensibilities trend towards glitz and glamour, then making for the jet set abode of Marbella will be a better use of your time on mainland Spain than any of the other options out there. Rub elbows with millionaires and socialites while moving to the beat of world renowned DJ’s like Tiesto, then after shaking off the hangover from the evening before, hire a para-sailing outfit to impress your favourite A-list celebrity with your superior powerboat assisted flying skills!

3) Lagos, Portugal

Much of Portugal’s coastline is every bit as beautiful as what you can find throughout its big brother, but this scenery takes a quantum leap into awesomeness along the fabled Algarve. With gorgeous sandstone cliffs along its short but sweet south facing coast, this place is magical, and the city of Lagos is in the midst of it all. The accommodations cost but a scattering of pocket lint, the drinks flow freely, and beautiful people baring their fabulous bodies can be found everywhere in this amazing destination.

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