Chillax This Winter In The Hawaiian Islands


This year, it’s your turn to plan you and your buddies group holiday. It’s a tradition that you started back in college, but now that you are all out there in the real world, it’s something that you have all kept alive to keep the juices of friendship flowing despite being apart for much of the year.

While previous escapes have taken you to sun hotspots like Thailand, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, you have had your gaze firmly fixed on those paradisaical life boats in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean – that’s right, Hawaii.

While spending a part of the winter in the Hawaiian Islands certainly an amazing idea for those seeking a little rest and relaxation, the multiple options at your disposal make picking just one an unenviable task. To prevent you from employing the highly questionable dartboard strategy, we will break down the DNA of three of its isles so that you can make an informed decision and plan out the best buddy holiday to date.

Let’s get started!

Magnificent Maui

While those that love to party might not find Maui to be the best choice, if you and your friends love the outdoors, your days will be filled with fun activities that will take you through a variety of natural environments.

From black sand beaches buffeted by some of the best waves you’ve seen in your life, to numerous mountain bike trails that lead to awesome waterfalls and swimming holes, as well as a volcano where snow isn’t uncommon in the depths of winter (no, we’re not kidding), you’ll have your hands full of all the adventure you can handle.

Outrageous Oahu

For those that do crave an active party scene, basing yourself in Oahu will be what you’ll want to do. Home to Honolulu, the island’s largest city, this place has a well-established dining and clubbing scene, along with one of the world’s best beaches to lay on after a hard night out the day before.

Those wanting to watch the globe’s best surfers should make time for a day trip to the North Shore, where some truly monstrous waves roll ashore during the winter months.

Killer Kauai

If you seek silence on your holiday, or wish to put yourself in the midst of the world’s most epic scenes, then Kauai is a killer choice to make for the group. If you’re here for the beach, be sure to stay on the southern side, as the north coast is considerably wetter year round.

It’s worth venturing over to the north side at some point though to tackle the Na Pali Coast, where massive vegetation cloaked mountains meet the ocean. Expect to find many deserted beaches where your group will be the only one there.

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